Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I found out today that I've been taking half my regular dose of Zoloft for the past week and a half (the pharmacy gave me 50 mg tabs instead of my usual 100s)...and as a result, though I now understand why I've been having panic attacks every damn day--well, in addition to approaching finals--(ever heard of SSRI withdrawal syndrome? Google it, it'll be fun) it doesn't mean I'm not now tightly wound as a three dollar watch and having some...difficulty focusing, and feeling really. effing. sad. So I've been trying to chill the hell out: difficult indeed, especially when channel K-FCKD is playing at a volume of 10 in my head--study, study, study! Yeah, yeah, bitch and moan.

So what do I do to try to relax?
Well, there's Xanax. And Ativan. But pharmacology can't be everything.
There's also taking a nice bath with some lavender and patchouli essential oils (yes, I'm a hippie. Shut up).
Petting my kitty (not a euphemism...or maybe).
Kicking back with some herbal tea and a 'brain candy' book--Patricia Cornwell, Harry Potter, Terry Pratchett (whom I luuuurve) or something like that.
Reading Rumi, especially the Coleman Barks translations; also translations of Hafiz. Who knows why, but this little white girl really loves mystic Sufi poetry.
Looking at cuteoverload, failblog, somethingawful, or ichc. Good for those quasi-suicidal days.

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Recommendation for quasi-suicidal day short-attention-space website:

The Rachel Maddow Show?