Friday, December 18, 2009

Some 'serious' poetry--a reimagining of the Annunciation in time for Advent.

Gratia Plena

I was drawing water when
the angel she appeared
all white and gold
backlit by glory,
holding out a lily
as she said Shalom
and told me what she told me
and I said
I am not worthy
I am not
worthy / I am.
And the winged proclamation
Was a question
which I answered yes
Yes resonating
With my entire self,
my soul, each muscle
in my body bowstring-taut
so that I dropped the jug of water,
on my knees in wonder
For what woman
could resist a god's
enters resistance,
God enters.
And so I took God in
as one takes in an
orphan and
as cracked earth takes in
rain and
as surely as I myself am held
to God:
And I am filled with
like water,
and I answered yes
though I am not worthy
yes although
my human love is clumsy,
And I felt the lips
of the Almighty
brush my neck
whispering Shalom
as I dissolved
in the sea of that love.


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Kelsey said...

Peter and I drove through Kansas City past Boulevard Brewing on our Minneapolis-Austin trip, but it was 3 AM and they were closed (!!!), so I bought Quadruppel Ale here in Austin. REally good, and realllllly strong. Hope you had a great Christmas!