Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Eating disorders kill.

So I was at the grocery store today and I actually bought (shh!) an In-Touch magazine, something I have never previously done and which I will probably never do again. Brittany Murphy was on the cover: she died, apparently, and inside there were a number of pictures where she looked skinny as hell.
The 'doctor' cited in the article said a number of prescriptions were found at her home, including Topamax (used for mood stabilization and sedation in addition to its primary use as an anticonvulsant), Ativan and Klonipin (with which I am intimately familiar, having some anxiety issues myself--they're benzodiazepines), and some sedatives and hydrocodone. The doctor stated that Ativan and Klonopin, in high enough doses, can cause cardiac arrest. BZZZZZ. Incorrect. You have to take an assload of benzos to kill yourself, and you have to take them with alcohol. We're talking LOTS. Maybe it was the sedatives, or the opioids--but my money's on an eating disorder. Alarmingly, one of the commonest ways for anorexics (and bulimics) to die is just that way--cardiac arrest. Boom. Even if she were dabbling in pharmaceuticals, having a system weakened by severe eating disorder puts you at greater risk for "adverse events."

I've been having a flare-up of the old issues, myself. I know that article should serve as a wake-up call, but there's still the part of me that's looking at her pictures and thinking, "Damn, I wish my arms looked like that. I bet if I ran X miles a day and kept below X calories, I could be there in a few months...well, I've been on this new diet for a week now, and I've already lost X pounds..." It's sick and it's twisted, but it is also the way of the American woman--and a damn shame.

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Tracy Crowe Jones said...

Preach it, sister! Even though I now need to truly lose weight I fight that ED voice everyday. Losing X number of pounds seems so much simpiler to just go back to the old habits (except I can't run anymore due to horrible plantar fasciitis). I still buy the magazines and I still drool over all the skinny, skinny girls. I know in my head they are not healthy, but to me they are still beautiful.