Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Ok, so it shouldn't surprise me that Hooters has sexist business practices, but welcome to today's installment of YHTBFKM (You have to be f*cking kidding me) news!
A number of Hooters waitresses (you know, that place where you can ogle heavily made-up, fake-tanned, barely-legal women in shorts so tiny they require a preliminary bikini waxing...and where they serve, um, wings...yeah, it's all about the wings...) have come forward to say they have been placed on 'weight probation' by the company--given a 30 day gym membership and told they have a month to either shape up or ship out. Literally. Some--ie, Hooters management--have argued that this is no different from "the policies of such organizations as the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders or the Rockettes" (bastions of pro-woman sentiment and positive body image, no doubt). So what about this undershot even my snakebelly-low expectations for this particular corporation?
Here. A woman who is nearly 5'8" and 132 lbs--whose BMI is 19.8, for the love of Jeebus--has been told to lose weight or lose her job. If one were specifically writing a scenario designed to give someone an eating disorder, it would be difficult to do better. I don't know how much weight they wanted this young woman to lose, but she is already at the low, LOW end of normal for her height; in fact, losing even 10 lbs. would put her squarely in the "underweight" category. It's not enough that their business practices are themselves chauvinistic and exploitative, IMPLICITLY making workers feel insecure and encouraging unhealthy relationships with food and weight; now Hooters (I know it's not funny, but I still can't say/type 'Hooters' without wanting to giggle; I'm secretly 13 years old, so sue me) has to EXPLICITLY encourage young women to damage their health in pursuit of appearance and approval. I would imagine that no one who reads this on a regular basis (if in fact such people exist) is frequenting this particular business establishment, but if you are, I would implore you to boycott. No one should have to choose between being unhealthy and being unemployed.

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