Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm back! Ulcerative colitis, medical school mayhem, and eating disorder craziness have all tried to keep me down...but I return, or to quote Maya Angelou, "Still I Rise."
(Is it awful if I admit here that I actually don't like Maya Angelou's poetry at all? Her prose is fine, but her poetry makes me want to carve out my eyeballs. Do I get double going-to-Hell points for saying that on MLK day? Whatevs. *Shrugs*)

So in my time off, I've discovered a lot of new things...about my psychological makeup, about my sexuality, about the world at large. I'll share a few of them here; some are very serious, while others are a tad more lighthearted.

1. Bikini waxing, if practiced on prisoners of war, would be considered a violation of the Geneva Convention. I'm almost positive about this. Additionally, you pay for it...and tip the 'aesthetician' when they're done, adding insult to injury.

2. Taking risks doesn't always lead to 1) falling flat on my face or 2) getting kicked in the teeth.

3. Transparency and honesty are always preferable to matter how small the deception, or what rationalizations you provide yourself to account for it.

4. With 45 minutes, some New Belgium ale, an a youtube origami tutorial, and the patience of a three-year-old, I can make a really shitty-looking origami cat.

5. I lack the degree of OCD necessary to be a good anesthesiologist, and the upper body strength to be an orthopedic surgeon. Thank goodness neither of those were on my short list anyway.

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