Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm planning to write here more regularly now that I'm essentially out of third year (although I'm kicking myself because I think this could easily be considered the most INTERESTING year of med school--the year you'd pick if, say, you had aspirations to turn a journal of a year of medical school into a national bestseller), but now that I'm heading into fourth year I should have infinitely more time to devote to such niceties. I've been keeping a personal journal, of course; just haven't been putting all my business out here on Teh Interwebz (tm) for all to see.

Additionally, I've been fighting a pretty bone-crushing depression for the past few weeks, which saps me of my will to do much of anything besides 1) stay in bed, staring at the ceiling 2)stay in bed, sleeping, 3) stay in bed reading for about 20 minutes at a stretch before my inability to concentrate makes me throw down the book in disgust.

I had a manic episode at the beginning of March, which made what was essentially a presumptive diagnosis of bipolar disorder into a for-real diagnosis. Things are under control now and both my M.D. and I have learned that yes, I really DO need to be on a mood stabilizer. It's interesting; coming to terms with a serious diagnosis, whether of a physical or mental illness, really does seem to follow some of E. Kubler-Ross's 'Stages of Grief' model. Unfortunately, a lot of people end up stuck in denial and never move forward--and thus are never appropriately treated.

I'm running off at the mouth (or rather, the keyboard) a bit, but this was mainly a check-in to say, I'm back, and I look forward to seeing y'all more often.

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