Friday, July 06, 2012


The aliens had arrived. Not, as we had long anticipated, in hovering spaceships or glowing green pods (which my new acquaintance G'ttt'ghax said were "Relics of the past, fuel-inefficient and wasteful--the kind of thing we used before we cared about our carbon blorkprints." It took a while for me to realize that Xorblaxian blorks are analogous to our feet), but on individual contraptions resembling vintage Schwinns with solar-powered thrusters. There were only a few Earthlings left.
"Did you have any warning?" G'ttt'ghax asked. "Do you know what caused it? As I understand it, en masse, their blood simply turned to a liquid too viscous for their hearts to pump. The Sludge, it was called, yes?"
I led the group of alien scouts to what had been the epicenter for The Sludge in our district, and pointed at the sign still hanging on the wall of the now-abandoned building.
"I don't have any proof," I said, "but I have my suspicions."

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