Friday, July 06, 2012

Remembering old dalliances...

Yes, it IS, as they say, "based on a true story." 


It was July and my skin
was alive with wanting you,
alive the way cicadas buried
age and blossom forth,
humming their hungers.
I was so in love I walked
the four miles to your house
in the boiling that is Kansas
in the summer,
each bead of sweat
an affirmation of desire.
And when at last
you opened your screen door,
dress falling down your shoulders,
two brown hills–
what body could resist your body's pull?
It was July and we spent
the whole long afternoon
wreathed by our heat,
Lazy in one another's arms
atop a quilt your mother pieced herself–
and when your father
came in the door at six,
I crawled out your bedroom window
like a thief,
carrying your need as well as mine
walking alone through early evening's haze
as the cicadas all around
went wild.

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